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Centro de Esperanza

For a donation of $25 or more, we want to gift you with a beautifully crafted, one-of-a kind, tin and beaded Peace Dove made by migrant families temporarily living and being cared for at Centro de Esperanza. 

Time “hangs heavy” for these resident families.  Imagine days, weeks, sometimes months of waiting, just a mile from the US border, after having already suffered the endless trauma and unknowns of the arduous trip north, east or west from their place of origin.  So, creating a thing of beauty, like these beautiful Peace Doves, is one way that helps pass this time.  More importantly, it engages their hands and minds in creative activity that is interactive, soothing and joyful, if only for brief periods of time. 

Hang this beautiful art in your window, on your wall or holiday tree as a reminder to not only honor the lives and aspirations of these migrants but to also remember the impact we each make every minute of every day with our intention of Peace.

For donations of $25 or more, we will ship a one-of-a kind, hand crafted,  Peace Dove for you to enjoy. And, for each additional donation of $25 or more, gift these beautiful Peace Doves to  friends or family members to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or “just because”.  Each Peace Dove for gifting will be sent to you, separately packaged in a mailer envelop with a descriptive page telling why they are made and how donations for these Peace Doves support the work of Centro de Esperanza.  Additionally, we will insert our current Shelters for Hope newsletter in each mailer.  This mailer will then be ready for you to address, add postage and mail to whomever you would like to gift…..while sharing the urgent needs that are provided to migrant families at Centro de Esperanza as these families await appointments to cross to their US sponsors.  What a fun way to “spread the word” and generate help for these migrant families. All donations go directly to the work of our shelter.  We have only three paid staff:  two Co-Directors and one night watch security officer, all of whom are Mexican nationals and long time residents of Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico, where Centro de Esperanza is located at the Mexican/US border. 

To order your Peace Doves, please click the Donate Now button and send us an email with the number of artisan Peace Doves you would like and the address for delivery.



Want more details about what we do? Scroll below to find our most recent E-Newsletter and media stories about how our work is helping make an impact. We invite you to learn more about our efforts and help spread the word about our important cause.


The beginning of 2023 has been incredible for Centro de Esperanza — we’ve been busy coordinating new programs for center visitors, planning out our property expansion and development of an overnight shelter and much more!

By Catherine L. May, Ph.D.
It started as an idea that morphed into a vision that became a shining light.
As the “first tour” caravan of guests parked along the dusty road in front of the single-story building, exclamations of delight rose from the vehicles. The freshly painted sign written in big bold letters read Centro de Esperanza – one of the newest of many improvements to the facility – felt wonderful. The new migrant resource center in Sonoyta, Sonora was becoming a reality after years of caring, planning, working, negotiating, and serving!

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